Below are links to key pleadings and other documents related to United States v. Cohen, in which Michael Cohen, the President’s former private lawyer, pleaded guilty to willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution and making an excessive contribution to the President’s campaign. Also below are links to some of the key court documents in United States v. Edwards, in which John Edwards, the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate, was acquitted on a charge that he accepted an illegal campaign contribution, and was not convicted on five other, related charges.

These documents present facts and legal arguments on which the U.S. Department of Justice relied to prosecute these cases under the Federal Election Campaign Act. The defense’s motions in the Edwards case present contrasting arguments.

United States v. Cohen:

2018 12 12 Transcript of Sentencing

2018 12 07 Government’s Sentencing Memorandum

2018 09 20 American Media, Inc. Non-Prosecution Agreement

2018 08 21 Plea Agreement

2018 08 21 Information


United States v. Edwards:

2012 05 18 Final Jury Instructions

2011 09 26 Government’s Response to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss

2011 09 06 Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss

2011 06 03 Indictment