Bauer.Robert (c)Robert (Bob) Bauer

Robert Bauer has provided counseling and representation on matters involving regulation of political activity before the courts and administrative agencies of national party committees, candidates, political committees, individuals, federal officeholders, corporations and trade associations, and tax-exempt groups. Bob returned to Perkins Coie after a period of service to President Barack Obama as his White House counsel from December 2009 until June 2011. He is now General Counsel to the President’s re-election committee, to Obama for America and General Counsel to the Democratic National Committee.

Berkon.Jonathan (C)Jonathan S. Berkon

Jonathan Berkon focuses his practice on political law, including federal and state campaign finance law and ethics and gift regulations at the federal, state and local levels. He also advises investment advisers, political action committees (PACs) and candidates on the new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pay-to-play rule; counsels Internet and technology companies on political advertising sales; and, in the wake of Citizens United, assists nonprofits and 527 organizations that wish to participate in the political process.

Elias.Marc (c)Marc E. Elias

Marc Elias is the chair of the Perkins Coie Political Law practice. His practice focuses on representing public officials, candidates, parties, corporations, tax-exempt organizations and political action committees (PACs) in connection with campaign finance, governmental ethics, lobbying disclosure and white-collar criminal defense matters. Marc is a nationally recognized authority on the Federal Election Campaign Act, the Lobbying Disclosure Act, the Ethics in Government Act, the Foreign Agents Registration Act, congressional and executive branch ethics and gift rules and federal and state pay-to-play laws and rules. He also advises and litigates claims under the Voting Rights Act, the Help America Vote Act and the National Voter Registration Act.

Gordon.Rebecca (c)Rebecca H. Gordon

Rebecca Gordon focuses her practice on political law, including the Lobbying Disclosure Act’s registration and reporting requirements, federal and state campaign finance law, federal and state laws governing the conveyance of gifts to public officials and federal and state pay-to-play laws. She advises corporations, trade associations and connected political action committees (PACs) on how to interact lawfully with public officials and works with their legal and government relations teams to construct and implement compliance programs. She also counsels public officials, candidates and political parties on campaign finance and congressional ethics matters.

Keane.KateSawyer(c)Kate Sawyer Keane

Kate Sawyer Keane focuses her practice on political law, including federal and state campaign finance law, congressional and executive branch ethics regulation and lobbying registration and disclosure. She counsels clients on campaign finance issues for federal and state elected officials, political parties, trade associations, political action committees (PACs) and other political organizations, as well as on lobbying disclosure, foreign agents’ registration and reporting requirements and governmental ethics statutes and rules at the federal, state and local levels. She counsels members of Congress, congressional staff members and executive branch employees on issues related to financial disclosure. In addition, she advises nonprofit entities with respect to their political activities and also helps nonprofit entities obtain tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Reese.Ezra (c)Ezra W. Reese

Ezra Reese focuses his practice on political law and nonprofit tax law. He counsels clients on campaign finance issues for federal and state elected officials, political parties, other political organizations, trade associations and issue organizations. He also represents public charities and nonprofit organizations with respect to Internal Revenue Service restrictions, in particular those regarding lobbying and political activities. He also counsels organizations on issues relating to lobbying disclosure and ethics, including the regulation of gifts to and travel by members of Congress and employees and officials of executive branch agencies.

Sandstrom.Karl(c)Karl J. Sandstrom

Karl Sandstrom is a nationally recognized authority on the regulation of political activity. He represents clients in matters such as ethics and lobbying, campaign finance, communication, corporate governance, civil service and tax law. He writes and speaks frequently on the subject of government regulation of the political process. His articles have appeared in national publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. He has appeared on national television and radio programs and networks, including Good Morning America, CBS News, National Public Radio and the PBS NewsHour. He has testified before House and Senate committees of the U.S. Congress. He is a regular speaker at conferences and programs examining how government regulates politics, lobbying and campaign financing.

Svoboda.Brian (c)Brian Svoboda

Brian G. Svoboda is an authority on the laws regulating political activity. His work entails recognizing, understanding and serving clients’ strategic and reputational interests, especially when the political stakes are high. Brian provides general counseling to companies, trade associations, political parties, candidates, nonprofit organizations and individuals on all aspects of ethics and campaign finance laws. He is one of the nation’s leading practitioners before the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Through the FEC’s advisory opinion process, he has secured legal protection for high-stakes, high-visibility activities. Brian has successfully represented several members of Congress in ethics investigations before the U.S. House Committee on Ethics, the Office of Congressional Ethics and the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics. He has been quoted in Time magazine on the topic of the congressional ethics process.

Wilson.Graham(c)Graham M. Wilson

Graham Wilson focuses his practice on political law and litigation. He counsels clients on federal and state campaign finance law, voting rights and congressional and executive branch ethics regulations. Graham also advises clients on lobbying registration and disclosure, foreign agents’ registration requirements and pay-to-play laws. His work brings him before the Federal Election Commission, federal and state prosecutors and state lobbying and campaign finance regulators. Graham’s clients include the Democratic National Committee and other party and candidate committees.

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