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Bribery and the Brokered Convention?

In the industrial Midwest, after multiple ballots, the Republican convention finally chooses its nominee. Operatives for the frontrunner—a nationally known, polarizing figure who has infuriated Democrats with his abrasive rhetoric on the most divisive, racially-charged issue of the day—flood the city “with money to corrupt, with bullies to intimidate and with houries to seduce.” As … Continue Reading

FEC Unveils Website, Debates Super PAC and State Party Restrictions

The Federal Election Commission endured a four hour session on Thursday, October 29. Among the topics discussed were a resolution for the Repledge advisory opinion request, a request from Senate Majority PAC and House Majority PAC seeking to clarify the legal limits of would-be candidates and Super PACs during the testing the waters period, and … Continue Reading

With Convention Public Funding, the Rhetorical Dogs Come Back to Bite

If the national political conventions have come to be symbolized by “generic ‘party-time’ ways,” as Democracy 21’s Fred Wertheimer has said, then why should they be publicly funded?  The lack of an easy answer to this question may have hastened passage of H.R. 2019, which repeals public financing of the conventions and authorizes transfer of … Continue Reading

Scheduling National Conventions

In a speech over the weekend, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called on his party to hold future national conventions in early summer (as early as June), as opposed to August or September, as has been customary in recent cycles.  Priebus’ remarks echo recommendations included in a report issued by the RNC in the … Continue Reading